Saturday, 3 April, 2010

Katrina kaif head start on Tees Maar Khan bleeding file

Katrina Kaif is a lady, whose stars are in the wrong direction, so it seems. Diseases, accidents, and are daily fare for Katrina Kaif, who has a hectic, and a sensitive stage in those days

Not in the pink health (she graduated last week set the film), they met with the accident again and this time her co-star Akshay Kumar was responsible. About her was that during the songs, the dancing sexy hotties were Akshay Katty jaw hit the head and started to bleed

Next, she began to feel dizzy and truant Fear Factor Akshay increased to pronounce that he will need a minimum of 4 stitches. This is Kat shed tears as she began to cry, but soon relaxed, laughing Akki down her legs and pulled the stop

By the way, was the minor violation that is not the cause of many problems. Only a slight bruise and Katrina was only the tip again. "His head ached Katrina, but it is now well and started shooting again," said a source from IANS

Poor Katty through many painful menstruation in these days of her frail dangling like a pendulum. But it is to say, "No Pain, No Gain

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