Saturday, 10 April, 2010

Rumors wedding katrina kaif

Is undisputed queen of Bollywood Katrina Kaif getting married? Of course YES! but not in 2010. Katrina Kaif plans to get married before 2012 or Pls She Finds the right partner. Katrina Kaif Bollywood actively promotes her new movie "Rajneeti" that has given her so much and will from acting scope sure take her to a new dimension in the acting arena. Katrina foresees getting married in like 2 years but Also She is aware of the Fact That We really do not control anything. Decide what will of God to Whom Should Happen at what time. She Will Marry perhaps a Bollywood celebrity or an actor or director would choose a business tycoon She Lives Abroad WHO. She Will continue to act after the wedding? Questions remain unanswered.

how about you think, what about Katrina Kaif potential partner right?

Young and sexy 25 year old Katrina Kaif is performing a role of an experience politician in the upcoming Rajneeti movie and will be the defining role of her film career. People who have seen the preview were so impressed so she has high hopes that the audience will like the movie too and will open new doors to her movie lineup. The Indian electoral system where just a handful of powerful people control the destiny of majority of the population is well said in the movie Rajneeti. People fight back and get what they deserve. The movie also features star actors like Ajay Devgn, Ranbir Kapoor, Arjun Rampal, Manoj Bajpai, Sarah Thompson, Naseeruddin Shah and Nana Patekar. Perhaps Katrina's role is modeled after Sonia Gandhi who is a great inspiration for women around the world.

Katrina Kaif is known to perform baby doll roles and only successful in glamorous roles and in dance sequences. Her appearance in Rajneeti is so different from her current image. In the movie Khamoshi, she has been replaced by the Malayalam actress Asin opposite Ranbir as Katrina's image may change after Rajneeti releases worldwide. Katrina Kaif never talks about her personal life in public, but recently Katrina Kaif wedding plans came out as she mentioned she plans to get married within two years. The question is who is the lucky guy? Could it be the actor Salman Khan? Who do you think she should marry? Who would treat her with utmost respect that she deserves.

Bollywood treats Katrina Kaif as the undisputed queen of the film industry and fans are so fanatic about their idol. Who is the right person who will treat Katrina like a queen in real life as well?

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