Wednesday, 7 April, 2010

Sonam Kapoor, Kareena Kapoor and katrina kaif

There are many things that are common to the three above-mentioned women. First, all the beautiful women and very sweet and talented. Plus, they are also high-profile actresses of B-town. However, an interesting commonality is that this presence that all three will play on the cylinder 3 different real-life women.

Katrina Kaif-As you all know, her next film, it's a knock at the door, it is Prakash Jha's 'Rajneeti' essays in which they assume the character of Sonia Gandhi. Although denied official Jha direct portrait of Mrs Gandhi, a dispute to to avoid but they are all aware that the character of "Katrina" quite similar to the example of the most powerful woman politician in India.

Kareena Kapoor-This is really interesting, especially for those who are still unaware of the development of history. Madhur Bhandarkar has roped in Kareena Kapoor sizzling get into the skin of Marilyn Monroe, the late legendary diva and a life similar to Monroe, Kareena will also see the bed 5 different men. Now we wait for the 5 people who make it into the bedroom to Kareena.

Sonam Kapoor, a young girl, barely a couple of old movies is, will be a challenge even when sketch pads to the nature of tennis star Sania Mirza on the lines. But Malik (Sania is the soon-to-be-husband separated) Shoaib not. Now tell me, the reader movie are you most excited?

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