Friday, 12 March, 2010

Katrina kaif special

Katrina Kaif scandal : Kat has always portrayed herself as ‘the next big thing’ and she has been all clear. There is no such Katrina Kaif scandal. At the max, her controversial birthday party (in which Shahrukh and Salman had a vicious brawl) can be termed as the only Katrina Kaif scandal; otherwise there is no such Katrina Kaif scandal.

Katrina Kaif family : Katrina Kaif family is a cosmopolitan one, as her mother is pure English lady and her father is Indian. Katrina Kaif family consists of her 8 sister, apart from her mom and dad. Katrina Kaif family is not an orthodox Muslim family and Katrina Kaif family is quite liberal to grant her permission to work in glamorous areas like modeling and films.

Katrina Kaif Childhood : Katrina Kaif Childhood pictures that buzz around the internet are very cute. Even, Katrina Kaif Childhood photos can be found on our website also. Katrina Kaif Childhood was just like normal kids. Katrina Kaif Childhood was spent in places like Hong Kong and Hawaii. Later on, Katrina Kaif family moved to London.

Katrina Kaif Sister : Katrina Kaif Sister Isabella has gained popularity in recent times. Katrina Kaif Sister Isabella has signed a Bollywood movie named Veer opposite Salman Khan. Just like Katrina, Katrina Kaif Sister is also very pretty. People even say that Katrina Kaif Sister is very hard-working and will be very successful in Bollywood. Katrina Kaif Sister Isabella also considers herself very lucky to get such a strong attention and such a dream debut.

Katrina Kaif in IPL : IPL (Indian Premier League) is surrounded by all the razzmatazz of Bollywood stars; Katrina being one of them. Though, she didn’t own any franchise, like Shahrukh Khan or Preity Zinta, but she is in the league of Akshay Kumar who is a Brand Ambassador of Delhi DareDevils. Katrina Kaif is the Brand Ambassador of Dr. Vijay Mallaya owned Bangalore Royal Challengers. Katrina Kaif in IPL was a pleasure. All the credit of bringing Katrina Kaif in IPL goes to Dr. Vijay Mallaya. He was very well aware that Katrina Kaif in IPL will be taken as one of the biggest headline. A dance was also presented by Katrina Kaif in IPL Season 2, in South Africa (at the closing ceremony).

Katrina Kaif Barbie : Katrina Kaif Barbie act in the Lakme Fashion Week was a treat to watch. Katrina Kaif Barbie act was dedicated to the celebrations of 50 years of Barbie Doll, the favourite toy of young girls all around the globe. Katrina Kaif Barbie look was praised all over in the media and guys got crazy over Katrina Kaif Barbie act.

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