Thursday, 25 March, 2010

Katrina Kaif: Negativity Repels! But Ignorance is Bliss

There were many reports suggesting that, Katrina Kaif was suddenly taken ill, during the shooting of the film ‘Tees Maar Khan’.

Now, after going through with an appendix operation and then having to report right back on work, due to her commitments, probably made her immune system go bonkers, that’s what many people thought.

But, recently, there were fresh news regarding the angle which was citied by Kat herself. According to sources, the beautiful actress is very upset, due to the fact that, there is a lot of negative energy emitting from all quarters.

Katrina Kaif, who is originally from the UK, had been quite a cool Kat initially. She was too much engrossed into her work and was not much aware of the gossip mongers, working full time behind her back.

But, as time passed, she became more aware and conscious of the small talk going around her. This knowledge, in a way played havoc with her health. She recently was heard gasping helplessly that since there was too much negativity around, it was affecting her over all being. Now, we know that negativity surely repels a sensitive individual. But, Kat, here’s a bit of advice, in case you’re interested- ‘Ignorance Is Bliss’, Got It?

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